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Wylde PupsTM Windsprites. Donna DeVoist and Norman Wylde are members in good standing of the International Windsprite Club.

"Windsprites are a delightful, small, coated sighthound. Although closely related, they are a totally separate breed from the more widely known smooth coated Whippets.

The International Windsprite Club is the international parent club and registry for Windsprites. We are dedicated to promoting these enchanting hounds and their incredible versatility. Our club wishes to unite all those interested in participating in performance events, breeding, showing, or simply enjoying or learning more about this extraordinary breed.

Windsprites are incredibly versatile and enjoy everything from playing ball to lure coursing, agility to tracking, obedience to hiking, nosework to freestyle dance. . . or simply sleeping late, taking leisurely walks, or lounging around.

Easy to live with, Windsprites are low maintenance, very affectionate, intelligent, athletic, easy-going, easy to train, and have a wonderful sense of fun . . . the perfect family dog." (IWC web site) 

Wylde Pups(TM) is a small hobby breeder, dedicated to the betterment of Windsprites. We breed a litter once every two years  or so. The dogs are bred for health, temperament, and conformation. The pups are whelped and raised in our dining room and we socialize them and begin training them so that when they go to their new homes they are stable, healthy puppies. 

PUPPIES - due end of June 2019

In April 2019 BISS BIF CH Wylde About Them Boogie Woogie Blues (Wink) was bred to BISS BIF GRCH Aurai Treasure Island (Simon).  Wink is MDR1 +/+ and CEA +/- and OFA eyes and heart good. Simon is MDR1 +/+ and CEA +/+ and OFA eyes and heart good. Both are athletic dogs (racing, agility) with stabile temperaments, friendly, willing to engage in lots of activities including cuddling on the couch and hiking in the woods.


Although Wink hasn't been placed into therapy work yet (she's working on her agility championship), her dam and sire are both certified therapy dogs with The Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs Inc.


Wink and Simon are also lovely specimens of their breed: at the conformation show in January 2019, Wink was First Place in the Grand Champion Bitch Class, and Simon was Best of Opposite Sex.

Contact Donna DeVoist to learn more about these puppies (ddevoist@stny.rr.com).




In 2016 we bred CH Wylde Polka Dot Jersey "Prim" and Ch Stone House Milagro "Milo". They had 9 puppies (6 female, 3 male) born on June 19, 2016. The puppies now reside with their new families.

CH Stone House Milagro x CH Wylde Polka Dot Jersey

Prim with her nine beautiful puppies June 25, 2016.

 In 2015 we bred MBIF BISS ILWC CH Wylde Windswept Island Girl "Cleo" to Windchimes Independence Day "Indie". Seven puppies were born on June 19, 2015. We kept "Wink" Wylde About Them Boogie Woogie Blues. 

           "Cleo" CERF normal, MDR1 N/N, CEA N/M                                          "Indie" MDR1 N/M, CEA N/N

 "Wink" Wylde About Them Boogie Woogie Blues, as a puppy.

Wink, Best LHW Puppy, FLKC Match, March 5, 2016

Wink, Best Puppy in Show, ILWC Mid Atlantic Specialty, June 4, 2016

"Wink", CH Wylde About Them Boogie Wogie Blues, Best in Field, IWC New England Specialty, Oct. 2017

"Wink" CH Wylde About Them Boogie Woogie Blues, Best Windsprite Longhair and Best in Specialty Show, IWC NY Specialty, July 21, 2018

"Moxie", GRCH Wylde Best Young Rider. In July 2015, at 2 years of age, she was Best in Specialty Show!

"Cleo", CH Wylde Windswept Island Girl, Best in Field, May 2012 and October 2012

"Cleo", CH Wylde Windswept Island Girl, Best in Specialty Show, September 2011

Cleo, lure coursing


Moxie, Cleo, Milo

Moxie and Donna
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